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Taekwondo by Martial Arts America
Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays
*Sessions start on every even month, but you can join in any time.  

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Who: Ages 6 and Up (Can Participate with your child.)
Cost: $60 per participant for 2 months
Location: Grimes Community Complex Gym at 410 SE Main Street in Grimes
Registration: Please show up to class with payment made to Martial Arts America.  No online registration is available.
Instructor: Martial Arts America Instructor Brant Ragan
Contact:  515-986-2143

Martial Arts America has been around since 1985 in Central Iowa and now comes to the GCC in Grimes to teach you the disciplines involved in taekwondo.  These classes allow families to take part together.  They provide a positive atmosphere for everyone to improve their mind and their body.

Stop in to watch a class because that is the best way for you to see what they will be doing and learning.   The classes are taught so that as new people start they are with a black belt away from the rest of the class, but after a couple times they have learned all of the basics and they join the class.  They will do the techniques right along with everyone else.   The higher belts are instructed to do much the same techniques but they will add something to it, kick higher or double their techniques.   Kids seem to learn better by watching and doing, rather then by listening, so it works quite well. 

Other Costs-
-You do not need a uniform to start but if you plan on sticking with it to test and progress to higher belts, you will need to buy one.   They are $52.00 and the instructor will pick it up and bring it to class. Family discount allowed for more than 1 uniform needed.

-The tests are every two months and the cost for that is $45.