2020 Garden Plot Owner Map-
updated 4/15/2020
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Dates: Monday, March 2 at 8am- Maranatha Baptist Church Members and last year's garden plot owners can sign up in person at the GCC at 410 SE Main Street. 

Monday, March 16 at 8am UPDATE- DUE TO THE VIRUS, THE GCC IS CLOSED AT THIS POINT SO PLEASE EMAIL BRETT IF INTERESTED AT THE BELOW ADDRESS OF YOUR INTEREST.  Other Grimes community members and Non-residents can register in person at the GCC.

March 30- Plots assigned by Rec Dept. Emails sent out with map of plot owners.
April 1-15- EVERYTHING IS ON HOLD RIGHT NOW. STAY TUNED HERE FOR FUTURE POSTS. Plots can be tilled. If assistance is needed, please let the City Rec know. 
April 16 - May 15- GARDENS WILL BE TILLED UP BY THE CITY. Gardens should be planted
May 27 (Memorial Day Weekend)- Gardens will be evaluated. If you have not "cared" for your garden, plot will be forfeited and given to someone else.
By October 15- Plots are cleaned up per the contract and checked out with Parks and Rec. 
October 16-30- City will work up the ground for following year.
Who: Open to Everyone!
Cost: $10 per plot EXACT CASH or CHECK to CITY OF GRIMES- (Max of 2 plots per family)
Location: Maranatha Baptist Church in Grimes (877 SE 19th Street in Grimes) - gardens located west and northwest of the church.  Water is located on the west side of the church.
To Register: NO ONLINE REGISTRATION- Starting Monday, March 2 at 8am, please stop in and fill out the form to register for a plot and sign the contract.
Contact: 515-986-2143 with questions.