Outdoor Ice Skating Rink


  1. Ages 6 and Under must be supervised by an adult at all times 

  2. All skaters must adhere to the hours of the rink.

  3. Using the rink without ice-skates is not recommended.  No sliding or rough play allowed.

  4. No cross-skating or other skating that interferes with general skating.

  5. No games are permitted that will interfere with other skaters.  Games are only allowed when nobody else is skating.

  6. Keep the rink tidy.  Put your litter in the trash cans and pick up after yourself!

  7. The Grimes Parks & Recreation Department is not responsible for the safety of skaters using the rink or for the loss or theft of personal belongings.

Dates: Opened in January 2009, Seasonal- December-March

Dawn to Dusk


OPEN to EVERYONE!  Recommended that ages 6 and under are supervised by an adult.

Cost: FREE (Please obey the rules and the hours.)
Location: Grimes Sports Complex Drainage Basin- South of South Prairie Elementary School on South James Street.
Contact: Brett Barber
Grimes Parks and Recreation Director at bbarber@grimesiowa.gov or 515-986-2143
Description: A great opportunity to meet new friends and socialize while having fun ice skating.  This is not supervised so each skater should obey the rules listed and skate at your own risk.