Staff Directory

Name Title Email  Phone
Jake Anderson City Administrator           515.986.3036
Rochelle Williams City Clerk / Director of Administrative Services 515.986.3036
Olivia DeYoung Deputy City Clerk 515.986.3036
Mandy Willey Utility and Accounting Clerk 515.986.3036
Bridget Rottinghaus Utility Clerk l 515.986.3036
Utility Clerk ll 515.986.3036
IT Coordinator 515.986.3036
IT Director 515.986.3036
Whitney Tucker Communications Manager 515.986.3036
Development Services      
Alex Pfaltzgraff Development Services Director 515.986.4050
Matt Ahrens City Engineer 515.986.4050
Scott Clyce Building Division Administrator 515.986.4050
Rachel Greving Development Services Coordinator 515.986.4050 
Evann Martin Assistant City Planner 515.986.4050
Greg Jameson GIS Technician 515.986.4050
Molly Mannel Assistant City Planner 515.986.4050
Marcia Woodke Finance Director 515.986.3036
Kathy Steele Accounting and Utility Manager 515.986.3036
Jim Clark Fire Chief 515.251.7690
Ron Schipper Deputy Fire Chief 515.251.7695
Craig VerHuel Fire Marshal 515.251.7692
Human Resources      
Erik Fisk Human Resources Director 515.986.3036
Tammy Johnson

Human Resources Assistant 515.986.3036
Cheryl Heid Library Director 515.986.3551
Karalee Kerr Assistant Director 515.986.3551
Parks and Recreation      
Brian Becker Recreation Director 515.986.2143
Mark Schulz Recreation Coordinator 515.986.2143
Polk County Sheriff 515.286.3333
Public Works      
Kevin Hensley Director of Public Works 515.986.9636
David Guthrie Public Works Projects Coordinator 515.986.9636
  Administrative Assistant   515.986.9636
Jeremy Thayer Field Operations Superintendent 515.986.9636