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This online version of the Grimes Code of Ordinances is not the official version. The information is provided as a public service from the City of Grimes. The only official version is available through the City Clerk's Office located at City Hall. While every effort is made to keep this information current, this online version may differ from the official version and should be relied upon for general information purposes only.

These documents should not be relied upon as the definitive authority for local legislation. The official printed copy of the Grimes Code of Ordinances should be consulted prior to any action being taken.

Complete Code of Ordinances  (PDF)

Index of Chapters

General Code Provisions - Chapters 1-12

Administration - Chapters 15-28

Safety and Emergencies - Chapters 30-36

Public Offenses - Chapters 40-47

Nuisance and Animal Control - Chapters 50-57

Traffic and Vehicles - Chapters 60-81

Water - Chapters 88-92

Sanitary Sewer - Chapters 95-99

Franchises and Other Services - Chapters 102-118

Regulations of Business and Vocation - Chapters 120-127

Streets and Sidewalks - Chapters 135-136

Building and Property Regulations - Chapters 140-162

Zoning and Subdivisions - Chapters 165-166A

Planned Unit Development - Heritage PUD  (PDF)

Grimes Visual Design Standards  (PDF)

City of Grimes Fee Schedule  (PDF)