Storm Water Assistance Grant

The City of Grimes may help you pay for your yard project! Introducing the Storm Water Assistance Grant program, which reimburses residents for soil quality restoration projects (SQR) and rain barrels.

The City will reimburse 50% (up to $1500) per property for soil quality restoration projects and $75 per rain barrel per property, maximum 1 rain barrel per year.

Funding for this program is limited and is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Available grant funding renews each year. Grant applications will be accepted starting July 1, 2023.

How It Works

Step 1: Request a Quote

SQR - Request a quote from a qualified landscaping contractor. ISWEP has a list of recommended contractors here (Home Solutions is listed on the document, but no longer offers SQR services).

Rain Barrel - Find the rain barrel you'd like to purchase.

Step 2: Contractor Visit (SQR only)

The contractor will schedule a visit to your home to measure your lawn, contact Iowa One Call for locations of utilities in your yard, and give you an estimate.

Step 3: Submit the Application to the City of Grimes

Your application must be approved by the City before you start the project. Submit your application online or download and print the application here

SQR - Make sure to include a map, project description, cost summary, project schedule, and a before photo with the application. 

Rain Barrels - Include a copy of the rain barrel info and cost estimate

The City will review the application and let you know if it’s approved. 

Step 4: Start the Project

Start your SQR project or purchase your rain barrel. Rain barrels must be at least 50 gallons.

Step 5: Submit Receipts

Submit the final paid receipts for materials and/or contract labor and pictures of the installation for review to the City of Grimes Public Works Department within 45 days after the application was approved. If you act as the contractor, the cost of your labor will not be reimbursed. The City will reimburse accepted projects within about 45 days. All payments must be included in the City Council meeting packet before they can be reimbursed. Find a list of City Council meeting dates here.

Step 6: Water

For SQR projects, your lawn will need a lot of water until the grass sprouts. Your contractor will advise you on how much to water, and when.

Step 7: Enjoy!

With a little time (and water) your yard will look great!

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What is soil quality restoration?

Soil quality restoration (SQR) is the process of improving soil health on new or existing lawns. The process uses tillage, aeration, and compost. This increases the amount of rainwater that gets into the ground and supports stronger roots for your grass. 

Why restore soil quality?

It will not only make your yard look better, but it is also better for the environment. That’s because grading activities associated with urban development create poor-quality soils that are compacted and low in organic matter. Yards with poor soil quality require more time, money, water, and fertilizer to stay green and maintain a lush appearance. Problems such as standing water, inability to mow after rainfall, patchy grass, and poor grass establishment are associated with poor soil quality. These soil conditions also contribute to water quality issues by shedding runoff during rainfall events; and by transporting pesticides, sediments, and fertilizers to nearby water bodies. Soil quality restoration reduces compaction, increases pore space in the soil, and improves organic matter content. This improves the health and functionality of soils. Organic matter gives the landscape the ability to act like a sponge and absorb rain. Soils rich in organic matter also support entire ecosystems of beneficial organisms (microbes, worms, insects) that contribute to healthy lawns.

What Types of Projects Are Covered?

  • Soil Quality Restoration
  • Rain Barrels

How Much Is Reimbursed?

Soil Quality Restoration: 50% up to $1500 per property per year (maximum two-consecutive years)

Rain Barrel: Up to $75 per barrel per property, one per year.

How Long Does It Take to Get Reimbursed?

It should take about 45 days to be reimbursed. All payments must be included in the City Council meeting packet before they can be reimbursed. Find a list of City Council Meeting Dates here.

Do Rental Properties Qualify?

Only owners of existing residential properties are eligible for reimbursement. 

I Did a Project Last Year, Can I Get Reimbursed?

No. Projects must be approved by the City before the service is performed. Then receipts must be submitted to the City within 45 days after the application has been approved.  

Who Do I Contact with Questions?

Please reach out to our Public Works Department at 515-986-9636 or