Sunny Hill Cemetery

Grimes Iowa operates Sunny Hill Cemetery, a non-perpetual care cemetery within the corporate city limits of Grimes.   The following information has been provided to assist you in your decision of a final resting place for your or your family members. All burials or markers must be approved in advance by the City Clerk and marked by City Staff.  Any questions should be directed to the City Clerk or Deputy Clerk at Grimes City Hall:   515-986-3036. 


Sunny Hill Cemetery is located on South 6th Street, just east of the intersection of S.E Main and SE 6th Street. 


Sunny Hill Cemetery is a municipal cemetery operated by the City and directly managed thru a joint effort of the City Council and City employees. 


Resident:                $250 / Plot

Non-resident:         $500 / Plot

There are no additional charges for care, which includes mowing, weed control, and minor stone maintenance.   The City will not be responsible for major stone repair or maintenance.

General Rules 

  1. Memorials- One central or family memorial shall be allowed where two or more burial spaces are owned by a family and shall be set in line with other memorials located in the same section of the cemetery.  All persons placing memorials in the cemetery shall first contact City Hall for placement location and approval.
  2. Memorial size:  The size of the memorial is governed according to the ratio of the area of the face of the memorial to the size of the lot.  The length of the base shall not exceed sixty percent (60%) of the width of the lot.
  3. Markers: Markers may be placed at the end of the grave, farthest from the base of the monument.  All markers on the same family spaces shall be uniform.
  4. Corner posts: shall be of the same material as the monument or marker and shall be placed flush with the grave.
  5. Ground level memorials: Ground level (Flush) memorials and markers are allowed, but at the owners’ risk as to maintenance and damage.
  6. Caskets: All caskets must be enclosed in a vault before actual burial.
  7. Burial: One adult burial space may be used for no more than the ashes of 4 persons, or for one body and the ashes of one person.
  8. Not more than one body shall be interred in one grave, vault, crypt, or niche, except in the case of the coincident deaths of mother and infant, or of twin born children.
  9. Planting:  Plantings are not allowed.   The City of Grimes may, at its discretion, use chemicals to control broadleaf weeds.  Flower baskets or decorations may be placed on the stone for holidays, but must be removed no later than two weeks after the event. The City assumes no responsibility for damage that may occur to decorations.  
  10. The hours of the cemetery shall be from dawn to dusk.  Additional rules and regulations for the cemetery shall be adopted, and may be amended from time to time, by resolution of the Council.  They will cover the use of roads within the cemetery, the hours for burials, the decorating of graves, the fees for service.
  11. Twice Annually, in March and October, the City will perform a Clean Up of  the Cemetery.    Please remove any items that are not attached to the grave marker that you wish to keep.   Older artificial flowers will be removed.