Right of Way Management

street and grassy right of way area next to the street

It shall be the responsibility of the abutting property owner to maintain all property outside the lot and property lines and inside the curb lines upon the public streets, except that the abutting property owner shall not be required to remove diseased trees or dead wood on the publicly owned property or right-of-way. Maintenance includes timely mowing, trimming trees and shrubs, and picking up litter.


The City of Grimes owns and operates various underground physical assets that ensure an efficient and safe network of systems that provide important functions to our residents, business owners, and guests. Underground utility locating plays a crucial role in the operation and management of these systems.

The Iowa One Call ticket check website will be utilized to see what tickets have been assigned to the City of Grimes. This website will provide information on the location, type of work, and the excavator’s name for each ticket. It will also set a completion date of when the locate ticket must be completed by and gives you options to change the status of the ticket once the locate has been completed. 

The City of Grimes follows the APWA Color Code for marking underground utilities

APWA Color Code

Street Signs

Traffic Control Devices are all signs, signals, markings, and devices lawfully placed or erected for the purpose of regulating, warning, or guiding traffic.

Street Trees

Street tree are any City Council-approved trees, shrubs, bushes, and all other woody vegetation located on public property. For more information on street trees, please reference Title 13 Subdivision Regulations Section 13-6-3 of the City of Grimes Code of Ordinances.