New Resident Checklist


  • Water 

    • The City of Grimes operates a municipal water plant.  
    • To begin service please fill out the Online Request for Service.
      • Please contact City Hall at 515.986.3036 option 3 with any questions.
    • US Water handles all water and sewer maintenance and can be reached at 515.986.3176 or the emergency after business hours number 515.822.4671
  • Gas 

    • Contact Black Hills Energy at  888.890.5554 to begin gas service and for service-related questions.
  • Electricity

    • Contact Mid American Energy at 888.427.5632 to begin electrical service, for service-related questions, or to report a broken street light.
  • Cable, Internet, Phone

    • Mediacom 800.332.0245
    • CenturyLink 866.642.0444
    • Metronet 515.815.6386
    • Mi-Fiber 844.499.0399
    • Cable television service is available to Grimes residents through a franchise agreement with Mediacom Cable.
    • Internet and telephone services are available to Grimes residents through Mediacom, CenturyLink, and Mi-Fiber (internet only, where available).
    • Please contact the service provider directly to begin service and for service-related questions.

Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste Disposal

  • New Service - trash and recycling are included on your water bill. When you set up your water bill, you are also setting up trash and recycling services.
    • Garbage and recycling setup for townhomes and apartments is handled by their associations.
    • If you live east of Highway 141 and south of 19th St, Thorpe/Gould Heights bills for water, garbage, and recycling and the City of Grimes bills for sewer and storm water. Contact Thorpe/Gould Heights at 515-289-2345 to set up water, garbage, and recycling services. You will still need to fill out the City of Grimes application for sewer and storm water. Maintenance for this area is also handled by Thorpe/Gould Heights, not US Water. The City of Grimes handles sewer maintenance.
  • Garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection are handled by Metro Waste Authority. Please contact them with any collection questions or concerns at 515.244.0021. Any billing questions should be directed to City Hall at 515.986.3036 option 3.
  • Pickup is on Monday if you are south of 1st street and Tuesday if you are north of 1st street. Residents will be supplied with trash containers. Garbage billing is included on your monthly water bill and residents should contact Grimes City Hall at 515.986.3036 to begin service. If your pick-up is missed please call Metro Waste Authority at 515.244.0021. 
  • Curb It! recycling is another service offered to Grimes residents. The green carts are emptied every other week (Monday, south of 1st street, and Tuesday north of 1st street). Please refer to the sticker on the lid for your pickup schedule. If your pickup is missed please call Waste Management. 
  • The City of  Grimes also participates in the Compost It! program for yard waste disposal. Pickup is the same as trash day. Yard waste is only collected in Purchased Carts, Compost It! bags, or "Kraft-style" bags with a Compost It! sticker attached. Carts, bags, and stickers can be purchased online. If your pick-up is missed please call Metro Waste Authority at 515.244.0021.
  • Do you have extra cardboard? We now have dumpsters that residents of Grimes can use to dispose of cardboard.  Please note that this dumpster is for cardboard only. To prevent overflowing of the dumpsters, please break down boxes. Dumpsters are emptied twice a week. They are  located at 1700 SE Destination Drive and 901 NE Main St. 

Change Mailing Address

Visit the Grimes Post Office at 400 SE Gateway Dr or go online at

Check on Property Taxes

If you are a homeowner with property taxes not built into a mortgage, please call the Dallas County Treasurer at 515-993-5808 or Polk County Treasurer at 515.286.3041 to inquire about your respective property taxes.

Update Driver's License

Visit for more information on how to update your driver's license.

Register Motor Vehicles

If you are moving here from another Iowa county, by updating your driver’s license, your vehicle registration will automatically transfer to your new county. Be sure to check that your annual registration renewal mailing is indeed sent by your new county. If you are moving here from out of state, please visit the Dallas County Treasurer’s Office at 801 Court Street, Room 100 in Adel or the Polk County Treasurer’s Office at 111 Court Ave Room 154 in Des Moines.

Get a Library Card

Visit the Grimes Public Library at 200 N James St. Please bring a photo id with the current address or photo identification plus a valid form of current address (e.g. canceled mail, electronic bill, etc.).  Patrons aged 5-17 must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian with the adult showing appropriate identification.

Register to Vote

You can register electronically here or at your polling location the day you vote. For more information on voting in Iowa, please click here.

Enroll in Dallas Center-Grimes School District

More information about registration is available here. Please contact DCG with any questions at 515.992.3866.

License Pets

  • All Dogs and Cats over six months of age are required to be licensed. The annual license fee is $5 per cat or dog. Before a license is issued, the owner must provide a veterinarian's certificate showing that the dog or cat for which the license is sought has been vaccinated against rabies and that the vaccination does not expire within six months from the effective date of the dog or cat license.
  • All dog and cat licenses can be purchased at City Hall.