The DOT maintains the road surfaces of Highway 141 and Highway 44. The City of Grimes maintains all other roads within the corporate boundaries. The Public Works Department is in charge of maintenance and service for streets, storm sewers, water and sewer lines, stormwater drainage, City facilities and traffic signals and signs. 

The Grimes Streets Department is an integral part of the Public Works Department and takes great pride in keeping streets maintained and safe for all citizens. The street system consists of approximately 160 paved lane miles within the City limits. Surfaces range from concrete, sealcoat, asphalt overlay, and asphalt over sub-base with concrete curb and gutter. The many responsibilities of the Streets Department include the following:

  • Maintain City roads and streets by various methods including concrete and asphalt patching, crack sealing and pothole repair. 
  • Repair and replace curb, gutter, sidewalk and sidewalk including the building, and setting of forms, pouring and finishing of concrete. Also, repair potholes, manholes, storm sewers, and catch basins.
  • Install and maintain road signs in accordance with Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  • Remove snow as well as treat/salt streets and during the winter months.
  • Sweep streets during spring, summer, and fall months.
  • Raise and lower storm sewer castings, inspect and repair, and install storm sewer inlets, culverts, and ditches. 
  • Mow rural road shoulders, islands and right-of-way to control weeds and vegetation.

Street Lights

The City only owns lights along HWY 44, SE Main St, and within the Heritage Development. To report an issue with the lights on those streets, please visit our Request Tracker. All others lights are owned by Mid-American. Please contact Mid-American Energy if there is an issue with their lights.

Right of Way Management

Right-of-Way means the area on, below, or above any real property in which the City has an interest including, but not limited to, any street, road, highway, alley, sidewalk, parkway, park, skyway, or any other place, area, or real property owned by or under the control of the City, including other dedicated Rights-of-Way for travel purposes and utility easements. For more information on Right of Way Management click here.

Snow & Ice Removal

Click here to learn more about snow and ice removal in Grimes.