See our Registration Website to begin exploring the guidance on this page.

How to Create an Account

Please click the link above to take you to the new registration website. There is a "Create Account" on the right corner where it asks to sign in. It will ask you to sign in each time so it's recommended to save/write down your username/password. Please fill in with YOUR information. Once you create an account it will ask you to verify your email. Once your email is verified you can log in.

For further guidance, see our Step by Step Guide (PDF).

How to Add Children Under Relationships

Once you create an account with your information and verify your account you can log in. To add children please go click on your name upper left. Go to relationships. Add a relationship and walk through the steps to get your child connected to your account. 

For further guidance, see our Step by Step Guide (PDF).

How to Sign up for Programs

"Registration" on the left-hand side will show you all the activities that are open, closed, or upcoming to sign up for. To sign your child or yourself up, select on the program and walk through the steps to get registered. Please note you will receive a welcome email about 2 weeks prior to the start date.

How to Purchase Packages & Reserve Your Spots in Open Gym, Kids Zone & Gym/Cage Rentals

Purchase Packages

Once your account has been created you will go to the left side to “Buy” Packages. There will be options for "Open Gym", "Kids Zone", "Gym Rental", and "Cage Rental" please select the one you want and checkout (You don't have to enter in credit card information as if free). This must be done for each family member going to the open gym. You will receive an email with a waiver that needs to be signed before being able to participate. 


After getting your package, you will then go to “Book” on the left-hand side, this will pull up our main calendar. You will see "Open Gym" in green, "Kids Zone" in pink, "Cage Rental" in green, and "Gym Rental" in yellow. To see if that specific date is available, hover your mouse over and it will indicate if there is a spot available. If it says 0, that day is already full. 

For further guidance, see our Buying a Package and Booking Guide (PDF).