Kids Zone

The Kid Zone program is open year-round for all children 6 and under.


  • This program will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 am to 11 am (unless otherwise noted on our online schedule). Registration is required to participate and there is a fee of $5 per family per day. Dates and times are subject to change without prior notice.
  • No refunds or transfers will be given. Refunds will be issued only if the Community Complex is closed due to bad weather.
  • This program will have fun activities like basketball, scooters, hopper balls, bowling, and more. Spots will be limited for each available day so you must register through our registration website.  
  • If your children are not feeling well please do not bring them.

How to Purchase Packages & Reserve Your Spot

  1. First, log in or create an account on our Self Service website.
  2. Purchase Packages - Once your account has been created you will go to the left side to “Buy” Packages. There are 3 different options for packages - 1 day, 3 days, and 6 days. You will receive an email with a waiver that needs to be signed before being able to participate. 
  3. Reserving - After you have purchased your package you will then go to “Book” on the left-hand side, this will pull up our main calendar. You will see Kids Zone are in green. To see if a specific time is available, hover your mouse over “Kid Zone” and it will indicate if there is a spot available. If it says 0, that day is already full.

If you buy the package under your account, please book yourself into the session. You only need to reserve one slot for your family! You do not need to reserve a spot per child.

If you plan on bringing 5 or more kids, please email Jennifer and let her know how many and what days.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please email Jennifer.