No Transfers

Once you have completed reserving practice time, transferring to another date is not allowed. Refunds will be given when the Grimes Community Complex is shut down due to weather.

How to Purchase Packages & Reserve Cage Time

  1. First, log in or create an account on our Self Service website.
  2. Purchase Packages - Once your account has been created you will go to the left side to "Buy" Packages. There are 2 different options for packages; 1 hour or 5 hours. Remember it's a total max of 20 hours for January 1 through April 30. After April 30, all packages are expired and no refunds will be given for any unused hours.
  3. Reserving - After you have purchased your packages/hours you will then go to "Book Activities" on the left-hand side, this will pull up our main calendar. You will see that Available Cage Rentals is in bright green.
  4. Approval - Once you have completed the reserving process, the Parks and Recreation Staff will receive email notifications from the system and will double-check all bookings to verify there are no conflicts. If conflicts are found an email will immediately be sent to the coach email on file.

Additional Terms


Once your first rental is made you will also receive an email from the registration site with a liability waiver that must be signed prior to the first night of practice. If this is not sent in prior to first practice the cage time will not be approved and the reservation will be reopened to the public.