The Administration Department includes the City Administrator and City Clerk who are appointed and governed by the City Council.

City Administrator

The City Administrator oversees the City of Grimes departments, implements policies, and makes recommendations to the Council on the well-being of Grimes while following the budget.

City Clerk

The City Clerk is responsible for administrative functions related to the maintenance of public records and other tasks. The City Clerk is also oversees the administrative tasks related to Sunny Hill Cemetery. Please visit this page for information on burial plots and cemetery rules.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Grimes City Government is to provide excellent city services and facilities in a financially responsible and community-friendly manner through a high-performing city team that results in adding value to residents' lives.

Vision 2034

  • Grimes is a beautiful community with a small town feeling and a strong sense of community
  • Grimes has great housing opportunities and a growing business community
  • Grimes is a fun community for families and with convenient mobility options for all