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Water Update - June 16
As we continue to work through the significant water demand over the past week, thank you for your ongoing conservation efforts. Your efforts have been extremely helpful and will continue to be important in the upcoming weeks. Below is a quick recap of what happened and where we stand:
Last week Tuesday (6/8) night into Wednesday (6/9), morning demand for water in the system peaked. To meet that demand we have three water storage facilities. 1) The new enterprise tower, which holds 1.5 million gallons of water, 2) the stand pipe, which holds 1 million gallons of water, and 3) the ASR well, which holds 60 million gallons of water, stored 1,800 feet underground. Upon activation of the ASR well, the water contained air which created cloudy water at the faucet. The drinking water is, and was always safe, however the air within the water created turbulence in the water lines. This turbulence likely disrupted natural minerals that had settled out of the water over time, which would account for any reports of discolored water. On a positive note, we did not find a water leak, pressures throughout the distribution system are holding strong, and our water plant is producing enough water to keep up with our community’s needs.
Voluntary conservation efforts need to continue.  The City is working around the clock to determine a solution to the ASR well, which will allow for relaxed conservation efforts. Unfortunately at this time, there does not appear to be a quick fix, which could mean that conservation efforts could last for the remainder of the summer.  We will report back as soon as the issue is resolved, and appreciate your patience during this time.

The state launches new website to help Iowans get COVID-19 vaccines.

Just a reminder to everyone to please avoid flushing anything but toilet paper down your sewer system. Failing to do so may cause backup issues in the main line as well as costly sewer repairs for homeowners.

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The City of Grimes participates in a metro wide housing rehabilitation initiative called Metro Home Improvement Program. Through this program certain housing repair assistance is made available to residents that meet the approved guidelines. Visit our Metro Home Improvement Page for details.

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Grimes Storehouse: Currently the only food pantry physically located within Grimes.  The Grimes Storehouse’s challenge is to not only reduce or eliminate hunger but to also feed people’s hope and sense of purpose in their lives.

Grimes Volunteer Support Services (GVSS) needs your help.
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  Storm water reports or erosion concerns | 515.986.3036  

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Pay your water bill by Phone, (credit card):  To pay by phone with a credit card, call (877) 690-3729 and enter jurisdiction code: 2512.

If you would like to have your water bill automatically deducted from your checking account each month, please print and fill out the Sure-Pay  Authorization Form and return it to City Hall along with a voided blank check.
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