Grades 3-6 Registration Deadline is Monday, November 2, 2015 at 8pm. Late Fee of $10 will be assessed to each late registration.
Coaches Meeting is Sunday, November 8 from 6-6:45pm at the GCC Cafeteria.

Grades K-2 Deadline is Monday, November 23 at 8pm.
Kindergarten Coaches Meeting is Monday, November 30 at 5:30pm at the GCC Banquet Hall.
Grades 1-2 Coaches Meeting is Monday, November 30 at 6:30pm at the GCC Banquet Hall.

Ages 4-5 Deadline is Monday, December 28 at 8pm.

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*Practice/Game Schedules

updated 1/25/16
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-A sibling discount of 10% off the program fees can be applied.  You will need to register in person for this discount to be applied as our online system doesn't handle discounts.

Youth DCG Basketball League (Ages 4- Grade 6)
Registration starts October 1 ONLINE at 7pm.
Dates: Ages 4-5:
-Sundays, January 10- February 21, 2016 (Skips Super Bowl Sunday)

Grade K: 
-Starts Saturdays, December 5 - January 30, 2016
(No practice or games on 12/26 or 1/2)

Grades 1-2: 
-Starts Saturdays, December 5 - January 31*, 2016
*NR is closed on 1/30 for school event so we will finish on Sunday, January 31 (12:30pm-5pm).
(No practice or games on 12/26 or 1/2)

Grades 3-6: 
-Starts Week of November 9 - January 30, 2016
(No practice or games during Thanksgiving Week Nov. 23-28 and during Holiday Break from 12/21 - 1/2 due to schools being closed.)

Ages 4-5:
-Practices/Games will be on Sundays ONLY for a one hour time slot anywhere from 3-6pm once games start.

Grades K-2:
-Practices/Games on Saturdays ONLY for a one hour time slot anywhere from 9am-3pm.  Grade 1 Boys would start first at the Grades 1-2 site. Schedule depends on # of kids registered and # of teams created.  

Grades 3-6: 
-Practices are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, OR Thursdays (determined by coaches/director) at either DC Elementary, North Ridge Elementary, or South Prairie Elementary. Games are held Saturdays starting anywhere from 9am-3pm.  Younger grades start first.


Boys/Girls Ages 4-5- (Play at 6 ft hoops)
Boys/Girls in Grade K- (Play at 7 ft hoops)
Boys/Girls in Grade 1 (Play at 8 ft hoops)
Boys/Girls in Grade 2 (Play at 8 ft hoops)
Boys/Girls in Grades 3-4 (Play on 9 ft hoops)
Boys/Girls in Grades 5-6 (Play on 10 ft hoops)

*Will separate age groups if we have at least 4 teams. For example, if we have 4 3rd Grade Boys teams and 4 4th Grade Boys teams, we would separate that age group.  Might combine Grades 1/2 if we don't have enough too.  All determined after the deadline.

Cost: Ages 4-5: DCG/Grimes Residents- $35 per player, Non Residents- $45 per player

Grades K-2: DCG/Grimes Residents- $35 per player, Non-Residents- $45 per player

Grades 3-6: DCG/Grimes Residents- $45 per player, Non-Residents- $55 per player

*Plus Purchase a Red/White Reversible Basketball Jersey for $15 (if you don't already have one), This is the basketball tank top that is different than the Flag Football jerseys. 
Locations: Ages 4-5 and Grade K play at the Grimes Community Complex Gym (410 SE Main St.)
Grades 1-2 play at North Ridge Elementary School (North Side of Town, North on James St., Enter on West side of building)
Grades 3-4 play games at South Prairie Elementary School (South on James Street by South Sports Complex, Enter on North)
Grades 5-6 play games at Dallas Center Elementary School (In Dallas Center- 1205 13th St., Enter on North side)
Registration: Click here to Register Online or Stop in to the Grimes Community Complex (410 SE Main St.) or Mail to Grimes Parks and Rec Office at 410 SE Main St. 

NEW in 2015!
No player requests will be granted to be on the same team unless the parents are coaching together (2 coaches per team).  Please indicate this during registration.  Players will also not be allowed to play up a grade. 
Instructor: Parent Volunteers are needed to coach each team and will be given a full program credit for helping out with this program.  Volunteers will be chosen on their experience in coaching and availability to coach.  Limit of 2 coaches per team will be taken.
Contact: Brett Barber, Grimes Parks and Recreation Director or 515-986-2143

This program allows players to play in a recreational atmosphere coached by parent volunteers and supervised by the Grimes Parks and Recreation Staff.  Players are assigned to a team randomly but players are allowed to sign up for one other friend during registration in the comments box online.  Practice times for the Grades 3-6 will be assigned at the Coaches Meeting.