Practice/Game Schedules-
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Final Playoff Schedule for 10/12/14

Ages 5-K
Sunday, October 12 at 1:30pm
Field 1- Longhorns vs Bulldogs
Field 2- Gators vs Wildcats
Field 3- Badgers vs Panthers

Grade 1

Sunday, October 12 at 2:30pm
Field 1- Lions vs Bears
Field 2- Packers vs Vikings

Grade 2

Sunday, October 12 at 3:30pm
Field 1- Eagles vs Giants
Field 2- Redskins vs Cowboys

Grades 3/4
Sunday, October 12 at 4:30pm
Field 1- Colts vs Steelers
Field 2- Ravens vs Patriots
Field 3- Bills vs Dolphins

Team Rosters-
updated Friday, August 22, 2014
Ages 5-K- click here

1st Grade- click here
2nd Grade-click here
3rd/4th Grade-click here

For Coaches
updated 8/6/14
Coaches Meeting Agenda-
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Coaches Job Description-
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Coaches Sample Lesson Plans-
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Coaches Playbook-
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Sample Playbook-
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Game Rules-click here
-Game Modifications-
Offensive formation for Grades K-2 should be the same.  Defensive formations should also be the same every time
QB can't run until the defense crosses the line (after 5 seconds) unless it's a designed QB run.
OL can't go out for a pass until after the 5 seconds are counted out. 
Teams should wait for each other to line up and get set prior to play starting.
Defensive Coach counts out the 5 seconds so everyone can hear.
Score/Standings will be kept for Grades 1-4.  If score is more than 21 pt difference, scoreboard will be shut off.

-Coaches should email Brett on their weekday practice time/location/day when they have that set.  Practices can be set up at North Complex, Shawver Park, Beaverbrooke Park or any other greenspace that is available.  South Complex is being used for soccer, Waterworks Park is used for Tackle Football.

Flag Football League

Grimes Parks and Rec Flag Football League 
(Ages 5 to Kids Going into Grade 4)

 Registration starts Monday, March 24, 2014 online at 7pm!
*Deadline is August 1, 2014 at 7pm.  Late Fee of $5 will be assessed to each late registration.

*Coaches Meeting is Thursday, August 7 at 5:30pm at the GCC Cafeteria

Dates: All Practices start Sunday, August 17 - Sunday, October 12, 2014
(Skips Labor Day Weekend)

Ages 5 - Kindergarten: This division practices and plays games on Sunday afternoons ONLY

Grades 1-4: Practices for this age group are one time per week on Mon/Tues/or Thurs (decided by volunteer coach) and play their games on Sunday afternoons.
-Grade 1: 2:30pm-3:25pm
-Grade 2: 3:30pm- 4:25pm
-Grades 3-4: 4:30pm-5:30pm


Divisions Include-
Ages 5 - Going into Kindergarten (Fall of 2014)
Going into Grade 1 (Fall of 2014)
Going into Grade 2 (Fall of 2014)
Going into Grades 3/4 (Fall of 2014)

Cost: Residents- (Those Living in the DCG School District or have a Grimes/Dallas Center address)-
-Ages 5 - Going into Grade K: $35 per player (Sunday practices and games only)
-Going into Grades 1 - 4: $45 per player (Includes at least one practice per week plus games)

-Ages 5-K: $45 per player
-Going into Grades 1-4: $55 per player

If you don't have a jersey, you will need to purchase a Red/White Reversible Grimes Parks and Rec Jersey for $15
Location: All games are held Sundays at Lions Park (Located behind Kum and Go)
Practices for Grades 1-4 can be either at North Sports Complex or various greenspace fields in Grimes.
Registration: Register online by clicking here, OR Stop in to the Grimes Community Complex (410 SE Main St.) OR Mail to 410 SE Main St. in Grimes, Ia 50111
Instructors: Parent Volunteer Coaches supervised by Grimes Parks and Rec Staff
Contact: Brett Barber
Grimes Parks and Recreation Director or 515-986-2143

This program allows players to play in a recreational atmosphere supervised by parent volunteers.  Teams practice during the week (Grades 1-4) and then play their league games on Sunday afternoons.  Players are assigned to a team randomly so no requests will be taken.  Coaches Meetings will be conducted after the deadline and will give the coaches sample lesson plans, game rules, and a sample playbook.  They will also receive a bag with footballs and flags for their practices.  The Director will contact the volunteer coaches that expressed they could help out during registration.  Coaches who are selected will be given a $10 credit towards their online account.