Grimes Iowa Youth Sports


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Youth Sports

-Reminder: The Grimes Parks and Rec programs are non-refundable and non-transferable.  The only time we offer refunds is if the Grimes Parks and Rec Dept. has to cancel the program or if it's due to medical reasons that your child cannot participate.

-All transfer or change requests to a registration must be made prior to the registration deadline of the original program. Requests for program transfers or changes after the registration deadline will not be accepted. Transfers and changes to the original registration will incur a $5 change fee.  Enrollments are not transferable to another person outside of the immediate family.

-Discounted Programs- If you are enrolled in the DCG Free/Reduced School Lunch Program, you are eligible for a discount on our programs.  Please email Brett at or call him at the Grimes Rec Office at 515-986-2143.  You will need to register in person for this discount to be applied.

-A sibling discount of 10% off the program fees can be applied.  You will need to register in person for this discount to be applied as our online system doesn't handle discounts.

-We don't allow player requests to be on the same team as another.  Only coaches can request to coach with each other.

-Players must play at their age/grade level and not play up in our programming.


Click below on each sport for more information.

  WINTER (January - February)

  Basketball Recreational League (cont.)
  "Beginners" Basketball Clinic for Ages 3-4    
  "Beginners" Indoor Soccer Clinic for Ages 3-5
  "Beginners" Wrestling Program for Ages 3-5
  Pre-Season Indoor Youth Baseball Training
  Baseball Fielding Clinic
  Youth 5on5 Basketball Tournament- February

 SPRING (March - April)

  NEW! Open Pitching Times at the GCC
  Please see these local club links and email their Board Members for questions.  They are separate from the City Rec-
  -DCG Baseball Club (formerly the DCG Little League)- go to 
  -DCG Softball Association- go to  
  -DCG Soccer Club- go to

SUMMER (May - August)

  Bam Bam Baseball Clinic for 3-5 year olds
  Running Camp for Kids in Grades K-5

  NEW! Rookies Summer Sports Camps
  Tiny Kickers Soccer Clinic for 3-5 year olds
  NEW! DCG Youth Tennis Club
  Volleyball- Small Group Clinic
   ISU Volleyball Camp in Grimes
  NEW! Bus Trip to KC Royals Game- July
  Drake Bulldog Soccer Academy comes to Grimes!
  Grimes Rec Football Camp in July- Grades 2-6

FALL (September - December)

  DCG Softball Association- go to  
  DCG Soccer Club- go to
  DCG Tackle Football League (Fall) Grades 3 - 6) - Email with questions-
  Flag Football League for Ages 5 through Grade 4  
 "Beginners" Flag Football Clinic for Ages 3-4
  Football Camp led by the DCG Football Coaches
  Youth Volleyball Fall Clinic
  "Beginners" Indoor Soccer Clinic for Ages 3-5 
  Recreational Basketball League for Ages 5 through Grade 6