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You will need to pay the City of Grimes for staff supervision/transportation and then pay the Dallas Center Pool for the actual lessons.

 Swimming Lessons with Transportation and Supervision
Registration starts March 24, 2014 at 7pm ONLINE!
*Must register for both transportation and lessons.  Kids will not be allowed to meet us at the aquatic center or pool.
Who: For Ages 4 and Up

Monday, June 16 - Thursday, June 26 (9 times)
*June 27 is a rain date.

Time: Departs from GCC at 8:45am
Departs from Library Shelter at 8:50am
-Special Grimes Rec Lessons run from 9:10am - 9:40am
Arrives back at Library at 10:00am
Arrives back at GCC at 10:05am
Cost: Dallas Center Pool is offering email sign-ups this year. Just email poolmanager@dallascenter.com with your kids names and swim levels, and then mail a $35 check to Lena Moser Pool, 1502 Walnut Street in Dallas Center, IA 50063.


Bring in check to the Grimes Parks and Rec Office and Pay to the City of Grimes:
$20 per child per session (Includes staff supervision and bus trip only) 

Two separate payments needed. 
Registration: To Pay for the City of Grimes Staff Supervision and Transportation portion-
Click Here to Register Online or Stop in to the Grimes Community Complex (410 SE Main St.) or Mail to 410 SE Main St. in Grimes 50111


To Pay for Dallas Center Pool Swimming Lessons, please drop off a check at the Grimes Parks and Rec Office payable to Lena Moser Pool.  Registrations and payment will be delivered one week prior to the lessons.
Level Description:
Levels at the Lena Moser (Dallas Center) Pool:
Level One (Red)
Introduction to water skills.  Students will continue to gain confidence in the water. Students work with instructor assistance to practice front/back floats. Students are introduced to breaststroke and crawl stroke arm movements. Students also use kick boards to work on independence with floating.
Level Two  (yellow)
Fundamental Aquatic Skills -  Students should be able to front float on his/her own. Students will work on the breast stroke and crawl stroke to move forward. Students will also gain confidence in the back float. Students are introduce to flutter kick as well as elementary back stroke.
Level Three  (Blue)
Stroke Development -  Students at this level are able to make forward progress in the water without assistance. Students will continue to improve and refine strokes to increase distance. Students will gain confidence in moving backward un-assisted. Students will be introduced to diving.
Level Four  (Orange)
Stroke Improvement -  Students at this level are able to complete the front crawl, breast stroke, back crawl and elementary backstroke.  Students will fine tune these strokes as well as improve diving skills. Students will be introduced to the butterfly stroke.
Level Five (Purple)
Stroke Refinement -  Students will work on breathing and coordination as well as swimming laps to increase stamina.
Level Six  (Green)
Personal water safety/ lifeguard readiness/ fitness swimmer – a combination of the activities that you can do in the water after you have become a proficient swimmer. 
Program Questions: Angela Tate, Dallas Center Pool Manager at poolmanager@dallascenter.com
Contact: Brett Barber, bbarber@ci.grimes.ia.us or 515-205-8881

Trained Grimes Rec Staff will be on hand to supervise the kids before their lesson and after their lesson.  Please specify when registering for lessons, what level you would like to register your child for.