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Dates: Feb 1- St. Peter Lutheran Church members and previous garden owners can register at the Library.
March 1- Grimes community members can register in person for these plots at Library.
April 2-13- "Tilling Day" (TBD) will be set up by Library.  Tillers will be rented to be used by plot owners to work up their plot.
April 14-30- Gardens can be planted
May 27 (Memorial Day Weekend)- Gardens will be evaluated. If you have not "cared" for your garden, plot will be forfeited and given to someone else.
October 1 - 15- Plots are cleaned up per the contract and checked out with Parks and Rec. 
October 16-30- City will work up the ground for following year.
Who: Open to Everyone!
Cost: It's FREE!
Location: Field just south of the St. Peter Lutheran Church at 1001 S. James Street in Grimes (just east of the South Grimes Sports Complex)
To Register: You will need to stop in with your library card to register for a plot.
Contact: Grimes Public Library at 515-986-3551 or Cheryl at
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