League Schedule
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Tourney Schedule- July 15
"A" Division on Court 1
5pm- #4 Seed Big Digs vs #5 Seed Small & Scrappy
5:45pm- #3 Seed No Namers vs #6 Seed 25th Ct
6:30pm- #1 Seed Mayfin vs Winner of 4/5 Seeds
7:15pm- #2 Seed Team All Tall vs Winner of 3/6 Seeds
8:00pm- Championship

"B" Division on Court 2
5pm- #4 Seed The Misfits vs #5 Net Ninjas
5:45pm- #3 The James Gang vs #6 How I Set
6:30pm- #1 Sonova Beach vs Winner of 4/5 Seeds
7:15pm- #2 Seed TBD vs Winner of 3/6 Seeds
8:00pm- Championship

"C" Division on Court 3
5pm- #4 Seed Sandblasters vs #5 Sand Beaches
5:45pm- #3 Setting Ducks vs #6 Sandy Balls
6:30pm- #1 Empire Strikes Back vs Winner of 4/5 Seeds
7:15pm- #2 Sandbox Setters vs Winner of 3/6 Seeds
8:00pm- Championship

League Rules- click here

League Standings
as of 7/11/18
(W-L-Games Won):
A Division (Competitive)
1- Small & Scrappy (Bailey) 1-4-3
2- Team All Tall (Ellerman) 4-1-11
3- Mayfin (Fangman) 5-0-14
4- No Namers (Meekma) 3-2-9
5- Big Digs (Wilkin) 2-3-5
6- 25th Court (Nations) 0-5-2

B Division (Rec)

7- Net Ninjas (Bentley) 1-4-6
8- Sonova Beach (Daugherty) 5-0-12
9- The Misfits (Dooley) 2-3-7
10- How I Set.. (Heiken-Stoops) 0-5-3
11- The James Gang (Shawhan) 3-2-9
12- TBD (Troxel) 4-1-8

C Division (Just for Fun or Church Team)
13- Empire Strikes.. (Campbell) 5-0-13
14- Sand Beaches (Lemon) 1-4-3
15- Sandbox Setters (Seidl) 4-1-12
16- Sandy Balls (N. Smith) 0-5-2
17- Snowys Sandblasters (Snoberger) 2-3-5
18- Setting Ducks (Walter) 3-2-10

End of League Tourney Rules
-Best 2 of 3 to 25, 3rd Game to 15
-Better Seed Serves First
-Players must have played in at least one match through regular season

Registration starts March 1 at 7pm ONLINE!

Dates: Summer Session
Co-Ed- Sundays, June 3  - July 8, 2018
Women's C (Recreational) League- Wednesdays, June 6 - July 18 (No VBall on July 4)
Deadline is May 23 at 5pm

Fall Session
Co-Ed Sundays, September 9 - October 14, 2018 (Skips Labor Day Weekend)
Deadline is August 31 at 5pm


Games on Sundays start at 6pm, 7pm or 8pm depending on the # of teams that register.  Courts have lights.

Who: Must be at least 16 years and older to play and can't play on two teams.
Cost: $60 per team per session
Location: Grimes South Sports Complex- Sand Volleyball Courts are located just off of South James Street.
Registration: Click here to Register Online OR Stop in to the Grimes Community Complex (410 SE Main St.)
Supervisor: Grimes Parks and Recreation Staff
Contact: Brett Barber
Grimes Parks and Recreation Director
or 515-986-2143

This will be a non-officiated league with all participants calling their own game.  Tournament will conclude this league.  2 out of 3 games to 25 using rally point scoring.  If enough teams register, three divisions will be formed- A (Competitive), B (Recreational), and C (For Fun or Church team) so please indicate during registration which level you are.  Keep in mind our city parks and non-alcoholic and smoke-free.