League Rules - click here
League Tournament Schedule
updated 3/2/17-
A League

6:10pm at NR- 3rd Place- Gang Green vs Team AND1
7:10pm at NR- Championship- Dream Team vs Bulls

B League
6:10pm at SP- Semifinals- Malice vs ABT
7:10pm at SP- Championship- Glory Days vs Winner of 6:10pm Game
8:10pm at SP- 3rd Place- Drop Em Out vs Loser of 6:10 game

2017 League Standings

updated 2/23/17
A League
1 Dream Team 8-0
2 Gang Green 2-6
3 Team AND1 4-4
4 Bulls 5-3

B League

7 ABT 4-4
8 Chicks Dig Long Ball 2-6
9 Glory Days 4-4
10 2 Old 2 Play 4-4
11 Drop Em Out 5-3
12 Malice at the Palace 2-6

League Scores

Dream Team over Gang Green:
Team AND1 over Bulls:
Chicks over ABT:
Glory Days over 2 Old 2 Play:
Drop Em Out over Malice:

Chicks over Malice 71-55
Drop Em over Glory Days 60-53
Dream Team over AND1 84-65
Bulls over Gang Green 72-61
2 Old 2 Play over ABT  51-47

Drop Em Out over 2 Old 2 Play 64-62
Glory Days over Chicks Dig 55-49
ABT over Malice 70-64
Dream Team over Bulls 86-67
Gang Green over Team AND1 82-73

Dream Team over Gang Green 76-69
Bulls over Team AND1 50-42
Malice over Glory 51-50
ABT over Drop Em Out 74-36
2 Old over Chicks 54-49

2 Old 2 Play over Malice 57-48
ABT over Glory Days 53-33
Drop Em Out over Chicks 71-63
Bulls over Gang Green 73-72
Dream Team over Team AND1 98-82


AND1 over Gang Green 92-69
Dream Team over Bulls 68-54
Drop Em Out over Malice 56-44
Glory Days over 2 old 2 Play 65-54
ABT over Chicks Dig 79-48

Bulls over ABT 65-53
Dream Team over Drop Em 76-65
Malice over Chicks 74-69
Team AND1 over Glory Days  55-52
Gang Green over 2 Old 2 Play 74-42


Bulls over Drop Em Out 49-30

Team AND1 over Malice 89-67

2 Old to Play over Chicks 49-40

Dream Team over ABT 84-65

Glory Days over Gang Green 83-69

 Registration starts October 1 at 7pm ONLINE.
Dates: Wednesdays, January 4- March 8, 2017 (10-week Schedule including League Tournament)
*Deadline is December 30 at 5pm.

6:10pm, 7:10pm, or 8:10pm


Must be at least 18 years and older to play.  2 Divisions include- A & B.  "A" is a competitive and more experienced league, and "B" is recreational and less experienced.  Please indicate in comments box during registration which league you would like to be in.

Cost: DCG/Grimes Residents- $200 per team- more than 50% of the team members are from DCG/Grimes
Non Resident- $250 per team- less than 50% of the team members are from DCG/Grimes


Individual Sign-up- $25 per player- will hopefully be placed on a team in need or a Free Agent Team is formed.  If we don't have enough for another team, or teams are full, then the cost will be added as a credit on your account for a future program.
Location: Various Schools in Grimes could include-

North Ridge Elementary (Located just off of North James Street)
400 NW 27th Street
Grimes, Ia 50111


South Prairie Elementary
500 South James Street 
Grimes, Ia 50111


Dallas Center-Grimes High School (when time allows)
2555 W. 1st Street
Grimes, Ia 50111

Registration: Click here to Register Online OR Please stop in to the Grimes Community Complex (410 SE Main St.) or Mail to Grimes Parks and Recreation Office at 410 SE Main St. in Grimes
Supervisors: Grimes Parks and Recreation Staff
Contact: Brett Barber
Grimes Parks and Recreation Director
bbarber@ci.grimes.ia.us or 515-986-2143

Each Division has a max of 6 teams.  Non-officiated 5v5 league with participants calling their own game.  This is a for-fun league with standings.  Games run approx. one hour.