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2017 League Schedule- click here

Fall League Standings
Matches Won/Lost/Games Won

"A" Division (Seeds)
#3 1 Dat Ace Doe (Hemer) 3-2-8
#4 2 Serving Cervezas (Hurt) 2-3-5
#6 3 One More Quick (Livermore) 1-4-5
#1 4 Septagon (Stoecken) 5-0-14
#5 6 Spike and Slam (Whiton) 1-4-4
#2 5 Hit Happens (Ball) 4-1-11

"B" Division
#3 7 Deflated (Burns) 2-3-7
#4 8 The Empire Spikes (Campbell) 2-3-4
#6 9 IDIOTS (Ensley) 0-5-1
#5 10 That's What She Set (Nelson) 1-4-4
#1 11 Sick Spike (Sick) 5-0-14
#2 12 TBD (Troxel) 4-1-12

Adult Co-Ed Indoor Volleyball League
Fall Registration starts October 1 at 7pm ONLINE.
Spring Registration starts Dec. 1 at 7pm ONLINE
Dates: Fall Session: CLOSED
Wednesdays, November  - December
*Skipping Wednesday before Thanksgiving

Deadline is Wednesday, October at 5pm. Schedules will be sent out shortly after that.

Spring Session:
Wednesdays, March 21 - April 25, 2018

Deadline is March 14 at 5pm.  Schedules will be sent out shorty after that.

Games start at 6:15pm, 7:15pm, or 8:15pm

Must be 18 years and older to play. 2 Divisions include A & B. "A" is a more experienced and competitive league, "B" is more of a recreational and less experienced league.

Cost: $100 per team
Location: North Ridge Elementary School located off of North James Street in Grimes.
Registration: Click Here to Register Online or Stop in to the Grimes Community Complex (410 SE Main St.) or Mail to Grimes Parks and Recreation Office at 410 SE Main St. Grimes 50111
Supervisors: Grimes Parks and Recreation Staff
Contact: Brett Barber
Grimes Parks and Recreation Director
bbarber@ci.grimes.ia.us or 515-986-2143
Description: Non-officiated league with all participants calling their own game.  Gym supervisor will be present if needed.  This is a for-fun league with standings.  Matches run approx. 50 minutes with rally point scoring.  Best of 2 of 3 games to 25, playing the rest of the allotted time just for fun.