City Hall: 515.986.3036

Waste Connections: 515.265.7374

Metro Waste
Authority: 515.244.0021

Management: 515.244.7336

Where does your recycling end up?

Mixed Paper
goes to Louisiana to make boxes, or to Minneapolis to make the paperboard for General Mills cereal boxes.

is shipped to Mexico and made into Mexican newspapers or UPS overnight mailers.

is recycled in Illinois and made into rebar and structural steel.

is recycled in Tennessee to make new beverage containers.

is sent to Colorado to make Coors bottles, or to Oklahoma to make other food and beverage containers.

go to an Alabama manufacturer that makes car battery cases and paint containers, as well as other plastic parts for the auto industry.

Other Plastics
are made into green strapping in Kentucky or are used in carpeting.

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2015 Curb It! Collection Calendar Magnets are available at City Hall. Or click on picture for larger image.

Trash / Recycling

Spring Cleanup 2015

A special curbside pickup for apartments, townhomes, and mobile homes will be held on Saturday April 25th. For additional information call City Hall at 986-3036.

The main citywide pickup is Saturday May 16th.

Please click here for details  (PDF)

Solid Waste

The City of Grimes contracts Waste Connections for solid waste pickup. Garbage billing is included on your monthly water bill and residents should contact the Grimes City Hall to begin service. Garbage pickup is on Mondays.

Waste Connections' New Automated Trash Guidelines (PDF):  Waste Connections will be providing new 96 gallon trash carts starting November 12th - 17th.

How to dispose of household hazardous waste  (PDF)


The City of Grimes participates in the Curb it!  Recycle and Roll Program.

  • Grimes uses green wheeled carts and the small, handheld 18-gallon bins will no longer be collected.
  • Collection is Monday of every other week. The calendar sticker on the lid of the cart will help you remember which week is the collection week.
  • Keep 3 feet between your recycling cart and your garbage cart and yard bags so that the truck arm has enough room to grab and dump the carts.
  • The recycling sticker on the cart lists what can be recycled, or go to for a more complete listing.
  • If your pick up is missed, or if you don't have a cart, please call 24-GREEN (244-7336).

Do you have extra cardboard?  We now have a dumpster that residents of Grimes can use to dispose of cardboard. It is located at the City Maintenance Shop, 901 NE Main Street. Please note that this dumpster is for cardboard only.

Yard Waste

2015 Compost it! Season:  March 30 to Nov. 28
Winter Collection:  Dec. 28 2015 & Jan. 4, 2016

The City of  Grimes also participates in the Compost it! program for yard waste disposal. Bags and stickers can be purchased at City Hall. Compost It! pickup is always on Monday unless it's a holiday.
The Compost It! program recycles yard waste discarded from single-family and multifamily dwellings. The program is in place from March through November, weather-dependent.

Acceptable Materials
Compost It! recyclable materials include debris such as:

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Garden waste
  • Brush

Materials not accepted by Compost It! include:

  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic flower pots
  • Stumps
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Building materials or other non-organic waste


You can recycle your yard waste by:

  1. Placing yard waste into Compost It! bags*,

  2. Placing yard waste into store-brand paper bags (such as Lowe's, Hy-Vee or Yardmaster) and attaching a Compost It! sticker to each bag*,

  3. Or, attaching Compost It! stickers to brush bundles that are too large to fit in the bags. Bundles of brush must be no more than 18 inches in diameter and no more than 4 feet long. Bundles cannot weigh more than 40 pounds. Individual branches in bundles must be no more than 2 inches in diameter. Each bundle of brush needs a Compost It! sticker attached to it.

Compost It! yard waste can then be placed at the curb for pick-up or dropped off at the Metro Park East Landfill with no charge.

Compost It! bags are $1.60 each, or $8.00 for a bundle of five.

Compost It! stickers are $1.25 each.

* 40-pound limit per bag

Cart Service

Yard Waste Cart Basics

A Compost It! cart is on wheels, just like your Curb It! cart, making it a convenient alternative to yard waste bags. Simply wheel it to the curb on garbage day during Compost It! season. The 96-gallon cart can hold the equivalent of three yard waste bags, but you can always use the Bags & Sticker program if your yard waste exceeds the cart's capacity.

Consider a cart if:

  • You purchase more than 68 bags a year.
  • You garden, bag grass clippings, have a lot of trees or don't want to hassle with bags.

First-time Enrollment
New customers pay a one-time fee of $53 for the cart. First-time participants also pay an annual service fee of $105 to cover the cost of collection and to process the material. Residents should come to City Hall to get enrolled.

Annual Renewal
Each year, residents pay for the upcoming season and receive a new sticker for the cart, indicating the service is current. The sticker is $105 and covers the collection and processing costs. Existing customers can renew online now, but stickers won't be mailed out until February.

Missing or Broken Carts
If your cart is lost, stolen, or broken, please contact Metro Waste Authority, 515.244.0021.

Contact Information

City Hall:  515.986.3036
Waste Connections:  515.265.7374
Metro Waste Authority:  515.244.0021
Waste Management:  515.244.7336