Maps / Addressing

Map of Grimes  (PDF) updated: 2016

Grimes Zoning Map 2014 (PDF)

Grimes Street Map Identifying Parks and Trails 2017 (PDF)

Combined Utilities Map 2014  (9MB PDF)

Outdoor Warning Sirens  (PDF)

Grimes Zoning Map With Addresses April, 2012  (PDF)

Grimes Address/Street Map  (PDF)  updated: 2/16/2010

Did Your Address Change?  (PDF)   updated 2/22/2010

Map Showing Major and Minor Address Changes  (PDF)

Grimes Inventory Map of Park Area and City Owned Property  (PDF) 

Grimes Alley Map 1 of 2  (PDF)
Grimes Alley Map 2 of 2  (PDF)

2010 Future Land Use Map  (PDF)

Grimes Trail Map   (PDF)

Grimes Channel Rating Map  (PDF)  This is a channel rating map that includes property flooding issues identified with the public questionnaire.